Sunday, September 03, 2006

In Training

Last weekend, my first camogie season came to an end after a rough quarter-final match up the northside. Although we played much better in the second half, we were still beaten.

There's nothing fun about losing and it's especially frustrating when you know that you could have played better. I was fortunte enough to play 20 minutes in the second half. Although I put good pressure on the goalie, I wasn't able to capitalise on it.

I had a writing teacher who taught me a lot about goal setting. Her philosophy was that it was all well and good to have results goals (like getting published) but you needed to have production goals (like writing two hours a day or sending out your manuscript to 3 editors a week) in order to achieve your goals. Results goals are what you want to achieve and the production goals are how you make those achievements.

I have about seven months before matches start in the next season. I want to improve both my fitness level and my skills. I want to win a starting spot on the team. I want to play well, score goals regularly, and help my team win. These are all result goals.

So what are my production goals? How am I going to make these achievements? I'm so glad you asked. Project LCF is my master plan. It's where I outline what I want to achieve and how I'm going to achieve it. Expect regular updates and progress reports there.

If I stick to the plan and fulfill my production goals, then next April, I hope to be wearing number 15 and playing left-corner forward for my camogie team.


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