Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Blogday!

Being an organised sort, I tried to approach Blogday with a plan. Since the idea is to venture further afield than usual and try to find blogs in cultures different than your own, I decided that going by the continents was a good way to ensure a wide variety of Blogday blogs.

I know what you're thinking. There are seven continents but only five Blogday spots. I suppose I could have found seven blogs, but I didn't want the other kids to think I was an overachiever. Instead, in the spirit of searching out completely new experiences, I decided to neglect Europe and North America.

Asia. Singapore. My Very Own Glob {Curiosa Felicitas}
I found My Very Own Glob on Technorati. Written by Mr. Miyagi (also known as Benjamin Lee), the first post I read was about visiting a puppy shelter and even included a picture of an adorable bandana-wearing pup. That should be enough to recommend the site to anyone, but there is so much more here. Mr. Miyagi has a great sense of humour and a keen eye for the absurd, particularly in the form of poorly translated signs.

Australia. Adelaide. Fiona @ University
After finding Mr. Miyagi, I decided to randomly follow links for recommended-reads until I chanced upon a blog in Australia. It took about six clicks before I found Fiona @ University, which is pretty much what it says on the tin. According to her profile, Fiona is “an undergraduate student studying at the university where its obscene amount of tuition fee is not proportional to the quality of services and facilities students are getting sometimes.” I can feel Fiona's frustration in the first post I read and can certainly relate to it. When you're paying a lot and working hard for your education, it's demoralising to have lecturers who are not responsive.

South America. Lima, Peru. Klephblog
As much as I wanted to click randomly from Fiona @ University, the odds of finding an English-language blog from South America seemed slim. After fifteen minutes of clicking, I turned to Blogarama for help and landed safely on Klephblog. Cliff (or Kleph) is a freelance writer living in Lima. The blog is quite well-written and professionally presented. Definitely worth checking out.

Africa. Rabat, Morocco. The Cat in Rabat
I went with Google to find a blog from Africa and through a short series of clicks, found The Cat in Rabat. The first post I read was a business plan for getting rich from selling camel's milk as a virility aid for men. Ingenuity, humour, irreverence - what's not to love there? I suggest you hurry over and start reading the Cat before she gets rich quick and stops blogging.

Antarctica. McMurdo. Phil Jacobsen
A fascinating inside-look at life at McMurdo research station in Antarctica. I've been a tiny bit obsessed about the idea of life in Antarctica after reading an interview with a doctor who lives there and seeing March of the Penguins. Something about the unimaginable challenge of living in such an isolated and inhospitable place speaks to me. I'm not sure what it says to me, since I don't think I could hack the lightless winter and I don't like flying in good conditions, but there's an undeniable allure there. Maybe I can just live vicariously through Phil's blog.

And that brings my Blogday 2006 to an end. I hope you get a chance to visit my Blogday blogs and that you enjoy them as much as I did. If you're visiting here today because of Blogday, I hope you find a reason to be become a regular visitor.


At 31 August 2006 at 07:44, Anonymous Claire said...

Wow! You're on the ball :D

Excellent blogs and intros. I'll be checking them all out properly today. to do my own.

At 31 August 2006 at 18:31, Blogger Mr Miyagi said...

Thanks for the write-up!

At 31 August 2006 at 23:14, Blogger Shane said...

If I worked at the McMurdo research station in Antartica I would build laser gun turrets and pretend it was Hoth from Star Wars. Yay!

At 1 September 2006 at 00:52, Blogger Fiona said...

Hey, good luck on your third novel. I'm into 'chick lit' too. ;)

At 1 September 2006 at 17:55, Blogger Cat in Rabat said...

Thanks so much for the kind words. I had no idea it was Blog Day. If a card isn't sold for it then chances are I'm out in the dark. Cheers!

At 2 September 2006 at 17:50, Anonymous james said...

hmmm....i will confess to never having heard of blogday....

At 10 September 2006 at 22:11, Blogger kleph said...

well, i missed blogday but i have a good excuse, i was on assignment in the far reaches of southern peru. there ain't no internet in huasara, peru. there ain't much of anything, in fact.

thanks for the link, the kudo and the new visitors. my recent work has kept me from posting but i have a few items i'm putting together to have up in the next week or so.

then i'm off to brasil...


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