Saturday, November 11, 2006


Expect to read a post here soon about what I learned during my obsessive writing phase known as NaNoWriMo. Right now, my fingers are cramping and my eyes are burning.

My plan for this evening is to celebrate simply - pizza, beer, and then bed. Tomorrow will be a day off and then sometime next week, the hard work of editing will start.


At 11 November 2006 at 18:20, Anonymous janniefunster said...

Pizza and beer sounds good. Or pizza and margaritas, yeah.

Mucho Congrats on the writing! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

At 12 November 2006 at 00:22, Anonymous Claire said...

Woohoo! I spotted your 50K+ when I went to input my measly 15K+. I'm so impressed I think I may just hate you a little ;D

Nah, I'm only joking, congratulations. Hopefully there'll be some pizza and booze left over for when I get there (I WILL get there!). Can't wait to read your post on what you learned.

At 12 November 2006 at 10:12, Blogger -Ann said...

Jannie - It ended up being pizza and whiskey since my favourite pizza place turns out to have a really crap beer selection.

Claire - You're moving right along - isn't that 10K more than you had at this time last week? Want to split the difference and meet up in Bray some time after you've finished? Pizza, booze and maybe a spin on the dodge 'em cars or other amusement? :)

At 12 November 2006 at 13:03, Anonymous Claire said...

Yes, and it's probably 10k more than I've ever done on any one fiction piece so really I'm still pretty happy with how it's going.

A meet up sounds great! I'd love to have someone to celebrate with at the end of this craziness.

At 12 November 2006 at 13:58, Anonymous Colm said...

Congrats. Will we be able to see this Magnum Opus on the blog?

At 12 November 2006 at 20:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, you won? I haven't paid enough attention. Curse me.

At 15 November 2006 at 21:03, Blogger -Ann said...

Claire - Great - let me know when you're finished. And even if you're a few days over - finishing is all that matters.

Colm - Cheers. Perhaps bits after it's in a better state. The prologue is on my Nano profile:


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