Saturday, November 04, 2006

Alarming Discovery

Today, while I was using my stupidly expensive (and therefore, highly effective) anti-gigngivitis mouthwash, I made an alarming discovery.

When I let my cheeks puff out with the mouthwash, the area under my eyes went all wrinkly and I looked exactly like the grinch.

Image found on via Google Images and taken from, which I didn't actually think existed outside of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back


At 4 November 2006 at 22:02, Blogger Fence said...

But have you tried to steal Christmas yet?

At 5 November 2006 at 08:37, Blogger -Ann said...

Funny you should ask. As soon as I made the realisation, my heart grew three sizes too small and I was overcome with an urge to make sure that not a single inhabitant of Hooville got to enjoy a delicious meal of roast-beast.

At 5 November 2006 at 17:41, Blogger Terri said...

It could be worse, Ann. I don't know how, but I'm sure it could be worse LOL!

At 6 November 2006 at 14:58, Blogger Shane said...

It can be interesting see what you're face is doing. Sometimes it can be disturbing.

BTW, was a marketing device (a static website made to look like a dynamic movie fan site) for the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back before it came out. Not long after it opened they made it a real movie fan site.

At 6 November 2006 at 18:10, Blogger weese said...

ha! i've got that...
i've decided its comical...rather than scary.

At 6 November 2006 at 21:03, Blogger -Ann said...

Terri - Of course it could. I could have the face of the Grinch and the physique of

Shane - Should I take the cheap shot and say that I've always found your face disturbing? Nah, I'm too much of a good sister for that. :)

Weese - I'm getting used to it and starting to see the humor.


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