Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm Baaaack

Yes, much like those pesty ghosties in Poltergeist, I'm back. I've actually been back since Monday, but have been trying to overcome the jet lag, the Season Affective Disorder, the holiday-induced Ass Expansion Disorder, and (my least favourite) Don't-Wanna-Go-to-School-Blues. I go back to work tomorrow so at least I have a super-short week to ease back into it.

And really, I shouldn't complain. I have 2 more weeks left on my contract (after this short weirdo week) and then I'm off until I start my new job on 1 February. In between end of contract and start of new job, Peter and I will be spending 5 days in Paris. Yeah, don't hate me because I live in Europe. We did our time in the Midwest, going to places like the exotic Wisonson Dells and the alluring Goose Festival of Fennville, Michigan. Don't I deserve a little glamour?

My holidays were enjoyable and mercifully fork-stabbing-free. Among the highlights:

  • The joyfyl reunion with Kodiak the wonder dog was everything I'd dreamed of and more. It was full of leaning, whimpering, paw-smacking, and propeller-tail.

  • I had a great time with my 3 year old nephew Max, the highlight of which was making lasange together for dinner. It was yummy and he was a great helper.

  • Peter's photographs, which we've always claimed make wonderful gifts, did in fact make wonderful gifts.

  • I got three, count-em THREE, pairs of perfect cotton black pants. Whoooohoooo!

  • Coming back to Dublin felt like coming home, which seems both weird and normal.

Just a short post today to ease back into the whole blogging thing. Hopefully I'll be able to resume normal posting frequency next week.


At 15 January 2006 at 01:56, Blogger Career Guy said...

The Goose Festival? You left the Goose Festival for Paris? What are you, a Communist? <:-))


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