Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday's Time Wasters

Wikipedia's Random Function. Sure, you know Wikipedia is a great place to go to plagiarize term papers do research, but did you know you can ask Wikipedia to enlighten you with a totally random piece of knowledge? It can become completely mesmerizing and can make you remember other things, that you were curious about but were never arsed enough to look up. In just five minutes, I learned that there is such a thing as an alternative eye therapist, that Lind, MN is tiny, and that somebody cared enough about rail transport historyto document it on a daily basis.

Found. Ever find someone's shopping list on the ground? Or their maths homework? Found collects these sorts of things and then displays them for the world to see. I'm endlessly fascinated with other people and hopelessly nosy, so I love this site. Make sure you read their About page, which has one of the best Found notes ever.

Popcap Games. I was a kid before Nintendo, so my happiest childhood memories are of really uncomplicated video games. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Adventure, Frogger – that kind of thing. As a result, I love a good, easy video game. Yes, I like killing space aliens from a first person perspective too, but sometimes, I just want to click buttons and get rewards. Popcap has a great collection of basic video games, which you can either purchase as full versions or play cut-down Web versions. My favourite online games are Rocket Mania and Alchemy. My dad owns Bookworm but it is so addictive, I cannot have it on any computer in my house.


At 24 October 2006 at 16:51, Blogger Shane said...

I love that foundmagazine website! Some of those things are very touching... like an uncrumbled note that said, "I want to buy a lot of pretty things. And Shyly offer them to you one at a time." Some of the things are funny, like a barf bag that had written on it in little kid writing: "DAD. MOM did it on the plane." Good times. Thanks for sharing.

At 24 October 2006 at 17:04, Blogger Col said...

I went to college with the founder of Found. Don't really remember him, though.

Btw, I think you figured out my hip problem. I didn't even think about it, but it's the side where I usually carry the kiddo. And it's weird because it hasn't really felt like a running injury. So I'm trying not to carry him so much-- he's getting big!

At 24 October 2006 at 20:27, Blogger -Ann said...

Shane - Isn't it great? I first heard about it on This American Life when it was just a zine and was thrilled when I found the website (through customising my Google homepage, don't you know). Speaking of airsick bags, on Peter's flight from Iceland to England this summer, he watched the girl next to him carry on a fight with a girl a few rows up all through writing messages to each other on airsick bags. He found it very amusing.

Col - Glad I could be of help. Maybe I should start a physical therapy consultation all via email and Web. :) I can imagine how big he is, since our friends have a kid who turned two in August and I don't think I could carry him around if it was an urgent necessity.


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