Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Magic Erasers

I recently discovered the ultimate payoff of scientific endeavors. Forget the H-bomb, electricity, the Internet, the combustion engine, and all those other pretenders to the throne. The single greatest invention in the history of the world is, without a doubt, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

If you're not familiar with these nifty little things, they look like a regular sponge, but they have some sort of magic property that allows you to take just about any substance off a surface. I bought 2 gallons of paint because I fully expected to have to repaint the stairway walls. Caper had this rubber tire toy that he liked to run up and down the stairs with, leaving little skid marks all over the walls. Plus, you know how it is, stairways are always rife with fingerprints.

We busted out the Magic Erasers and they took every spot, skid, smudge and slop mark right off the walls. It was nothing short of amazing. Patrick and I speculated on what sort of voodoo was involved. Patrick thought maybe every spot we took off would end up on our souls. I thought maybe that there was some fourth dimension that was now really dirty.

I don't know how they work and I much prefer to think of them as magic. And boy how I wished I had one for my life. Say something stupid to your spouse? Whip out the Magic Eraser. Make a calculation that costs your company millions of dollars in lost sales? Time for Magic Eraser. Do something stupid and start a family battle? Here comes Magic Eraser to save the day.


At 10 March 2005 at 02:26, Blogger Career Guy said...

Does it work on people? As in, making them disappear?

Your dirt theory sounds like the question in the Click and Clack column about what happens to all the rubber from all the tires wearing out on all the roads in the world. You'd think there would be mountains of rubber crumbs burying the streets. Maybe your dirt sublimated into the ether somehow.

At 12 March 2005 at 03:12, Blogger Stacey said...

Very strange and ironic...someone just yesterday told me about these magic eraser thingy, for kids without supervision who find a magic marker...I can't for the life of me remember who said it...wonder if it has to do with the magic eraser?????

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