Monday, February 07, 2005

Hidden Treasures

The drain in the basement has been backing up recently, so I went down there to try to unclog it. I can't do laundry until this is sorted out and after you've had your own laundry facilities for almost 3 years, it's agony to go back to a laundromat.

I used a gardening implement that you use to pull weeds, a straightened out coat hanger, and an old spoon. Yep, I am too cheap to fork over the money for a snake.

This is what I've fished out of the drain so far:
  • Super ball that looked like a number 15 billiards ball.
  • Rock in the shape of a puzzle piece.
  • One dime.
  • Part of a broken ball point pen.
  • A bingo ball - G-59.
And still the drain is not entirely unclogged. Kind of makes you wonder what else is in there, doesn't it?


At 7 February 2005 at 14:02, Blogger Mirty said...

Hi - You write well. Enjoyed reading your posts!

At 8 February 2005 at 14:55, Blogger Darlene said...

Love the site, the braids and the hat are totally cool. I'm into funky style, and you are definitely having good hair these days!

About the sewer, are you sure something's not living in there? It might not like the fact you took his pen or his bingo ball. If someones Granny is in there and she has a sweat, your a dead woman.

Looks like the hair checks out ok, I think I will return.

At 9 February 2005 at 02:23, Blogger -Ann said...

Thanks for the compliments. I don't know which I like better - for being a good writer or having good hair. The double-braid system is the best. I knew a woman who was a 104 and always had her hair in 2 braids - I think that's what I'm going to shoot for.

If you look at the hat closely, you can see our dog Caper did a to it. :)

I am afraid of what might be in the drain. I'm letting it rest right now and hope it goes away.

At 9 February 2005 at 13:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

somewhere there is a nice old lady in a church basement who has a bingo card that will never win.

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