Friday, January 19, 2007

Medical Update

Anybody else remember that Twilight Zone episode where the doctor's removing the bandages from a woman whose head is wrapped up like a mummy? I felt a little bit like that this morning when I removed the bandages from my finger.

It looks great and has healed very well. It's a little sore in one spot but otherwise is fine. It would be a great scar, but I don't think there will be one when all is said and done.

I am inordinately pleased with myself for taking proper care of the cut. For once in my life, I really was being careful.


At 21 January 2007 at 03:47, Blogger Career Guy said...

Sore means it's getting better. Too bad there won't be a scar to brag about (though there might be more glory in a camogie scarring incident). Return with us now to those days of yesteryear...dial up, big old floppies, 1GB hard drives. Thoe were the days.


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