Friday, June 16, 2006

Random Things I Can't Resist

I know, I already posted once today. But I've found myself collecting the best random stuff tonight. I know if I don't write about it now, it will be lost forever. So, in no particular order, random things I can't resist:

  • The Swearing Lady over at The Arse End of Ireland routinely cracks me up, but today's rant is, without a doubt, one of the best rants I've read in ages. I have never even heard this song and I am already itching to hate it.

  • It would be hard to single out a favourite line from the aforementioned rant, but I'd say these two are strong contenders:
    "She couldn't be more annoying if she had Cecilia Ahern growing out of her arse."
    "I wish I was a punk rocker so I could punch her in the face and call it revolution."

  • Doing a little bit more reading about Hudson v. Michigan (because, you know, my blood pressure is too low and I don't care for salt), I found a fantastic comment on Washington Monthly's Political Animal:
    Knock knock
    "Who's..." *crash*
    "It's the ghost of the Motherfucking Fourth Amendment. That's who."

  • My trip reports on Travel with Grandma, what with their accounts of nudity and drug usage, are attracting some very interesting traffic. According to my StatCounter, the following searches have lured the unsuspecting to my trip reports:

      order white widow
      amsterdam trip report high grey mist white widow
      in the swimming pool naked
      hostel hunchback butcher

  • In contrast, one of the most commonly searched for phrase that brings people to this blog is Gabriele Andersen-Scheiss


    At 18 June 2006 at 12:44, Blogger The Swearing Lady said...

    I'm blushing, I am.

    Thank you...

    Although I've changed my views somewhat. I believe added Cecilia Ahern can ALWAYS up the annoying factor substantially.

    At 22 June 2006 at 20:59, Blogger -Ann said...

    No, No, thank you for your consistently funny site. It's the sort of writing I wish that I could do, but I am far too Serious and Proper (TM). I'm not so good at the exaggerating bit - technical writing is strangling my creativity!


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