Sunday, November 20, 2005

What Would a Lazy Blogger Do Without Google?

I saw the following Google Images “game” about a month and a half ago and it struck me as a good thing to do some afternoon when I wanted to make a post but wasn’t sure what to post about. I’ve seen it a couple of time since then, but I’m going to credit the original one that I saw, which was Ian from Australia.

The Ground Rules

  1. Go to Google Images and look for the following:

    • The name of the city where you grew up

    • The name of the city where you live now

    • Your name

    • Your grandmother’s name

    • Your favourite food

    • Your favourite drink

    • Your favourite song

    • Your favourite smell

  2. Pick your favourite picture from each search and let the posting fun begin.

I think it’s much more fun to just give the pictures rather than give the search terms that returned the pictures.

The City Where I Grew Up

I saw this church pretty much every day and spent many a happy hour riding my bike in their nice big asphalt parking lot. It was much nicer than our school’s pot-hole ridden parking lot.

The City Where I live Now

Yeah, it really can look that nice, in good light when it’s not raining.

My Name

Peter hates primitive art, but I kind of like it sometimes. I want to know where the road goes and what’s in the sheds.

Maternal Grandmother

I think my grandmother would have gotten a kick out of this picture. She probably would have loved to meet a robot. She believed in aliens and loved watching The X-Files.

Paternal Grandmother

This isn’t my grandmother, but I could see her in the same situation. She was big into fishing and camping.

Favourite Food

My all-time favourite meal. In a restaurant in Germany, I tried to order one of these for both my started and my main meal because I didn’t like anything else on the menu.

Favourite Drink

Mmmm. Single-malt whisky. We didn’t tour this distillery on our honeymoon, although we did tour Oban and Dalwhinnie.

Favourite Song

I had the most difficult time deciding on my favourite song. I’m not telling you the name, but I will tell you the band is a Dublin band called Guggenheim Grotto.

I picked the Sims photo because I find Sim-abuse really funny. There is probably something very sick and wrong with me, but I can't help it.

Favourite Smell

I’ll give you a hint. My favourite smell is not old-man. Old-man would have to be down near the bottom of the list, along with wet-dog and dead-fish.


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That is kind of cool.


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