Saturday, January 29, 2005

Easy Running

I've spent the last few weeks watching those strong souls in windbreakers and lycra leggins brave the wind, cold, snow and ice to get their runs in. Me? My pansy-ass has been on the indoor track of the community center (on good days), exercising to a scary Denise Austin video tape (on bad days), or sitting on the couch (on really bad days).

Today, I decided to run outside. I just couldn't face making a zillion circles on the stuffy indoor track. I also couldn't face the drive there - really, that gets to me the most. The time it takes me to drive there and back, I could practically be done running.

I have two issues with running outside. No, three issues. (Spanish inquisition, anyone?) My issues are being too cold, being too hot, being afraid of falling and breaking a bone. Too hot? I know - it seems like an oxymoron but once I start moving, I heat up fast.

But, it's hard enough to start a run without being frozen to the bone. It's still pretty chilly here - about 23 degrees this morning. I wore my long underwear under my shorts, my long-sleeved cool max shirt, a windbreaker/rain jacket, a hat, gloves, and a scarf. I absolutely hate when cold air hits my neck.

I made good clothing choices (as Garrison Keillor says "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.) and I was rewarded with a very pleasant run. I didn't see anyone else, except for a couple of people in cars. I fell into that easy running where everything feels good. I love this part of running - where I can feel my joints moving so smoothly. The more smoothly my joints move, the more my mind moves. I came up with 3 ideas for Book #2, answers to problems that had really been vexing me.

A good start to a good weekend, I hope.


At 30 January 2005 at 02:58, Blogger Career Guy said...

I know what you mean about freeing up your mind while exercising. I do that on the treadmill or in the pool--but I do have to count laps in the pool and that is distracting. Fortunately, the treadmill does the counting for me.


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