Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Is There Anything Else You Want to Tell Me About?

We were cleaning out the shelves in the attic today in an attempt to make it more office-like. All last summer and through the winter, we used the space as our club house. We also used it as our storage shed, so this spring clean is an effort to reclaim the space and put it to better use.

Peter was sitting in his chair, near his computer. He was sorting through ancient floppy disks and computer game manuals. I was holding the trash bag and hoping he wouldn't want to hang onto too much sentimental crap.

We were on the last shelf when Peter picked up a bit of plastic packaging that I probably would have thrown away.

Peter: This is tricky. These are the nubs for the tablet pen, so they can't get thrown away.

Me: What tablet pen?

Peter shows me the pen.

Me: You mean you have a tablet?

Peter: Yes.

Me: You bought a tablet?

Peter: Yeah. (Clearly thinking that he'd married a looney.)

Me: How long have you had it?

Peter: I don't know. Couple of months maybe.

Me: Why didn't I know about this? Let me see it.

He produces a sleek-looking large tablet from underneath his desk.

Peter: I don't how you don't know about it. I've used it right in front of you.

Me: No you have not. I'd remember something like that.

Peter: Yes, I have. You were right over there on that bed and I was here working on the tablet.

Me: Yeah, but I was working on my laptop and your back is to me so I wouldn't be able to see what you were doing.

Peter: Well, yes. I have a tablet.

Me: Is anything else you want to tell me about? Secret girlfriend? Affair? Anything?

We later decided that I must have been in Slovenia when he bought the tablet. But still. You think you know someone. You spend nearly every waking, non-work hour with someone. Yet, somehow, he manages to hide a sleek electronic gadget for about two months. I'd write more about this, but clearly I have a new toy to play with.


At 10 May 2006 at 21:02, Blogger Lyss said...

not to be a complete idiot, but what do you mean when you say 'tablet'?

At 10 May 2006 at 21:22, Blogger Lex Fori said...

Thank God I'm not alone. I literally just Google-Fu'd: "define: tablet"

I'm invisioning Peter etching things and then presenting them before you Moses-style...

At 10 May 2006 at 22:25, Blogger -Ann said...

Sorry guys, I work in software, married a computer guy and inherited his circle of friends who are all into computers. I forget that not everyone wants to build their own machines or configure their own DSL modems.

This is a tablet. (Not the exact one he has - I am too lazy to check his model number.) You use them for drawing. My brother is an illustrator and he has one.

At 10 May 2006 at 23:45, Blogger Declan said...

Basically tablets are a cross between a laptop and a pda. Imagine a thick laptop screen with no keyboard attached and touch screen to control it. They do have a certain geek appeal.

But Ann, "I told you about it already"? Are you still falling for that one? ;-)

At 11 May 2006 at 12:04, Blogger The Swearing Lady said...

I was going to make some sort of pithy comment, but I got completely sidetracked by the image lex fori wedged into my mind, that of a Biblical thang going on in the attic. THOU SHALT NOT TIDY EXCESSIVELY! That one'll keep me grinning all day.

At 11 May 2006 at 19:45, Blogger Arbusto said...

I was hoping you wouldn't be mad at him. Those things are so much fun.

At 12 May 2006 at 03:25, Blogger Lex Fori said...

It looks like a high tech, new edition Etch-a-Sketch

At 13 May 2006 at 06:58, Blogger -Ann said...

Swearing Lady - You gotta watch out for that Lex Fori. She's always coming up with ideas and images that will stay with you. So there you'll be, sitting in a boring meeting or on the bus, and a Lex special will pop back into your head and then everyone's wondering why you're laughing uncontrollably.

Declan - Good description of a tablet. I have a freakish memory where I remember most of what is said to me (nearly word for word), so that excuse rarely comes up.

Arbusto - Of course I wouldn't be mad at him. I am the world's coolest wife. :)

Lex - Good call, but it's much more fun because you don't have all the frustration of twisting those little knobs to control an unbreakable line.


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